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Ken and John Austin - Winners of 2023 Sapphire Cup

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Results of the 2023 RSM Sapphire Cup

2-day RSM Sapphire Cup

Winners               Ken and John Austin 93

Runners-up         Buster Crowhurst and Scott Wilson 91

3rd                        Luke Woodhouse and Glenn Pollard 90


Saturday’s Forsyths Fourball

Winners               Luke Woodhouse and Glenn Pollard 47

Runners-up         Allen Bujack and Kevin Moore 47

3rd                        Nigel Hill and Steve Glover 46

Gross                    Tim Murray and Matthew Bull

Gross 2nd            Luke Streater and Tony Baldwin


Sunday’s Inverell H Hardware Fourball                      .

Winners               Alec and Michael Witney 50

Runners-up         Morgan Reece and Harry Moffit 47

3rd                         John and Ken Austin on 47

Gross                    Josh Parish and Ethan Walker

Gross 2nd            Rusty Brien and Tristan Irwin


Friday’s Scott Mackenzie Lawyers ‘Dash for Cash’

Winner                 Steve Kent 19

2nd                         Ben Neaves 18 in a 7 way countback

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