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Like any sporting organisation, the Inverell Golf Club would NOT survive without the generous ongoing support of our Sponsors. If you are a lover of golf, support these businesses that support our game.

Major Sponsors



Inv RSM Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.jpg
John Green Leaderboard
Tait Hino Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01 (1)


Boss  Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Bridgestone Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.j
Campbells Fuel 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Campbell & Freebairn Leaderboard 1920x12
CJW Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Cramel 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Schoefield Leaderboard
First National 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Inv Aggregate Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01
Inv Auto Glass Leaderboard 1920x1280px-0
IBC 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Inv Blinds & Awnings Leaderboard 1920x12
Kaspers 1920x1280px-01.jpg
McLachlans Leaderboard
Macintyre Hot Bread Leaderboard 1920x128
NE Toyota 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Notleys Wool Store 1920x1280px-01.jpg
McCosker Plumbing Leaderboard 1920x1280p
RAB 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Rivendale Turf Leaderboard 1920x1280px-0
Simply Print Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.
Smith & Sons Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.
Strategy Security Leaderboard 1920x1280p
Sutton Insurance Leaderboard 1920x1280px
Tradelink 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Twin Swans Leaderboard
VSM 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Vineyard Joinery 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Wade St Meats Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01
WM Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.jpg
Chesterfield Leaderboard 1920x1280px-01.
Palm Meadows.jpg
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